Altering Nature in Morocco PHOTOS – Huffington Post

“A year ago, I heard about the twists and turns of the making of a documentary film that chronicled land disputes in northern Morocco between a rich businessman and a family of peasants who refused to sell no matter how attractive the offers were and despite years of legal pressures.”



Article in The New York Times – November 2012

“A few kilometers south of Tangier, near the port town of Asilah, lies the wide golden beach of Sidi Mghait. It is a peaceful place, overlooked by the simple farmhouse of a peasant family, a luxurious modern villa built by a wealthy European businessman, and a small mosque, the burial place of a Muslim holy man who gave the place its name.

Appearances here are deceptive. The beach and its hinterland are the focus of a 10-year clash over land, rights and cultures….”


And the PDF version in print: 20121115_P504 []

Hercule contre Hermès – The film

Here is a working link to watch the documentary Hercule contre Hermès by French Moroccan director Mohamed Ulad. It tells the story of a land dispute between a French developer and Moroccan peasants in the north of Morocco.

Article in Slate Afrique – July 2012

“L’héritier des créateurs du célèbre carré de soie et du sac Kelly aux prises avec un manant. Cela pourrait aussi être l’histoire du combat homérique que livre un petit paysan marocain à un riche propriétaire terrien français.

Voici résumé, le scénario d’un conte moderne porté à l’écran, objet d’une bataille juridique aux multiples implications politiques….”